Portrait Portrait
Name Yue Fang
Title General of the Capitol
Unit Type Ranger
Age 28
Allegience Jin Dynasty
Soul Power Hellburner
Appearances 3,5,6
Voiced By Spaces

Also known as the 'Warrior Princess,' Yue Fang is the proud daughter of a famous Jin general. While her elder brother, Yue Zhong, favors scholarly pursuits, Yue Fang takes a page from both him and their father and combines them into a balanced warrior and scholar. Both respected and feared by her soldiers, Yue Fang divides her responsibilities to her emperor's court and the battlefield. Yue Fang's laid-back demeanor instantly transforms into a demon when the battle is joined.

Yue Fang loves her father and hopes to live up to his reputation in service to the empire.

Author's Note

Yue Fang was invented purely as an offshoot aspect of Kanna-- a fanatic of the Three Kingdoms era. This mostly translated into a Dynasty Warriors homage, though. In some respects she is the same character as Hikaru, and their duelling dreams in Book 5 reflect that.

She is the only one of the main human characters who isn't at all related to any of the other characters, although at one point she was related to Hokuto. As such, I made it a point at the end of Book 6 that Shizuka would deliberately seek her out once the story was over.


  • Jin Long Sword

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