Name Yue Jin
Title General of the Right
Unit Type Paladin
Age ???
Allegience Jin Dynasty
Soul Power Hellburner
Appearances 3

A general who became famous in the chaotic era surrounding the revival of the Jin Dynasty. When the Prime Minister raised an army to restore the empire from the rebellious Yellow Turbans, the followers of the Way of Peace, Yue Jin was amongst the first of the many heroes that answered the call. He distinguished himself by returning to his home town and raised an army of 5,000 strong dedicated to the Jin Dynasty.

Yue Jin caught notice from the empire in that his army rarely lost a battle, and his knowledge of siege warfare made him an ideal defense captain. However, he also applied this knowledge well in taking several castles, while personally climbing the walls himself amongst his own men. He also took part in the famous defense of Hefei.

His eldest son Chen often accompanies his father on campaigns as a junior officer, and another son, Zhong, became a noted scholar in the capitol. However, it is his daughter, Fang, who proved to take after him.

Author's Note

Yue Jin existed in the Chinese novel Three Kingdoms. His only recorded son is Yue Chen.

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