Name Zhang Liao
Title ???
Unit Type Paladin
Age ???
Allegience Jin Dynasty
Soul Power Flame Wave
Appearances 3

A general who became famous in the chaotic era surrounding the revival of the Jin Dynasty. Zhang Liao once served a rival warlord, but was shown kindness by the Jin Prime Minister. Ever since Zhang Liao distinguished himself with great merit, often pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.

Leading by example, the couragous Zhang Liao was the lynchpin of the defense of Hefei Castle. The three generals Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, and Li Dian were known to disagree with each other on even the most trivial matters, but when the Yellow Turban rebels threatened the castle with an army composed of no less than 10,000 troops the three put aside their differences for a common goal. Zhang Liao charged out of the castle with 700 men, and launched a quick raid on the Yellow Turban camp, forcing them into disarray. The raid succeeded with no casualties, as Zhang Liao personally made certain that all of his men returned to Hefei Castle alive. The attack came and went so quickly the Yellow Turbans were delayed in sieging the castle, allowing reinforcements time to relieve the castle defenders.

The terrible raid earned him the nickname "Nightmare King" and Zhang Liao's name is never mentioned lightly amongst the commoners.

Author's Note

Zhang Liao exists as a prominent character in the Chinese novel Three Kingdoms, where he did that in his bio.

BTN Holy Light  
BTN Frost Armor  
BTN Command Aura  
BTN Ressurection Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Flame Wave

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