Portrait Portrait
Name Ziel
Title Zephyr of the Wind
Unit Type Druid of the Talon
Age 26
Allegience Unknown
Soul Power Demon God Tempest
Appearances 1,2,3

Not much is known about the first assassin, save that Ziel can harness the wind itself because his family line inherited blood from a wind demon. Ziel entered Arcadia after Lord Kosseimaru took power and became good friends with the Minister of Intelligence. Ziel is trusted implicitly by Kanna and Kosseimaru to carry out tasks beyond the borders of Arcadia, as he has been outside the kingdom himself.

Author's Note

A fanfic character I created after watching Flame of Rekka. He had some elements of King of Fighters in him in that his demon blood could cause him to go nuts like the Riot of Blood forms, but it doesn't exist in Wanderers of Sorceria. His demise served to remove a stable character for Shizuka to interact with, and also as a subtle demonstration that Shizuka could manipulate the dream to her liking.


  • Jin Ancestral Sword Chinese Long Sword
  • Wind God Fan

Books 1 and 2

BTN Cyclone  
BTN Web  
BTN Immolation  
BTN Slow Poison  
BTN Unholy Frenzy  
BTN Twister Form Ultimate

Book 3

Ziel remains as the only link between Shizuka and her home, and knows it. Having seen his friend shaken-up by the introduction of her younger brother Ziel has taken upon himself to ensure that Shizuka remains fixed on their mutual goal of finding a way to end their term of stay in the world. When Kasumi joins the group Ziel's past catches up to him, and he realizes he must return to the south, and finish a loose end.

BTN Cyclone  
BTN Lightning Shield  
BTN Evasion  
BTN Twister Form Ultimate
BTN Soul Power Demon God Tempest

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