Denizens in the Shadow of the Tower

Trolls. The dominant life form of this continent, other than the Green Dragons themselves, the Trolls practice voodoo and cannibalism while worshipping the primal gods of snakes, bats, and spiders. While they are not indigenous to this world they have taken to calling this land home, and yet are violently territorial. The Green Dragons, who serve as overlords of this land under the rule of Dragon King Vadis, force the Troll tribes to stick to their alotted territories in order to maintain order.

Green Dragons. The mighty army of the Dragon King Vadis enforce their master's will without question, although they often compete for favor and station while staying within the rules they are bound. All Green Dragons love their forest land and loathe to see it fall to the wanton destruction of humanoid races, and thereforce a complex set of rules and regulations were drafted in order to keep everyone in line.

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