Denizens of Jin

Humans. The Jin Empire is the dominant power in the region. All men pay tribute to the Emperor of Jin, referred as the Jin Yuan Di in their own tongue. A society that mirrors the Han Dynasty of ancient China, it suffers from the same set of corruption and poverty as its counterpart. The Yellow Turban rebels, the larges and most powerful of the anti-government movements, remain a constant threat to the Empire's power.

Murlocs. A species on the decline in Jin lands, there are several small villages remaining which are sympathetic to the rebels. As such, the Jin often target the Murlocs to sharpen their blades, as they are both non-Jin and rebel sympathizers at the same time. The hatred the Murlocs hold for the Jin is largely understandable, and they refuse to give up their lands without a fight.

Dwarves. A large band of Dwarves resides in the highlands that specialize in steam technology, which is not dissimilar to the technology employed by the Kingdom of Arcadia. Whether this is a parallel development, or they simply stole from the Arcadians, it will never be known for certain. The Jin Empire tolerates their presence and has regular trade relations with the Dwarves, as they often provide invaluable services unavailable anywhere else in the Empire.

Draconians. One small tribe of Draconians found safe haven in the Jin Empire through the efforts of Count Zule, who served the Empire during the last Yellow Turban Rebellion. The Whitemane Clan is subservient to Count Zule, who bases his operations at Mt. Ding Jun, which is largely off-limits to humans. The Draconians suddenly appeared in the Jin Empire over 75 years ago and largely keep to themselves.

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