Denizens of Zanden

Zande Witches. The warrior women society have a large base of operations in the land known as Zanden, where they largely reign supreme. They are constantly at war with the Cult of the Black Moon, who occupy the eastern lands on the frozen continent.

Cult of the Black Moon. The largest gathering of this ancient cult is based around the mighty Temple of the Black Moon, hosted by Kuth'kullen the Abolisher. Having a huge base of operations in this land, Kuth'kullen often sends his agents from here into other lands to do his bidding, while his attentions are diverted with both direction the war against the Zande and concocting new monstrostities in his mad scientist lab. It is said they are awaiting the arrival of their god.

Frost Dryads. A secretive race of deer-women who suddenly appeared in the northlands a few years ago, they became trusted allies of the Zande. Male Dryads are unheard of, just as there are no male Zande; it is speculated they wander the land looking to kidnap any stray human men they come across and forcefully mate wtih them in order to repopulate their numbers.

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