Denizens of Azorbia

Humans. The Kingdom of Azorbia is the largest human kingdom beside the Jin Empire. Largely a European-styled country, the Azorbians are ruled by a Queen through a Regent in the absence of the King-- Lord Guther handles all military affairs while Magistrate Ventre handles civil affairs. However, it is a well-known fact that the two leaders dislike each other, each wishing to hold power over the other. Lord Gunther, also the leader of the Tran Paladins, manages to keep Magistrate Ventre in check due to his and his order's popularity among the citizens of Azorbia, while Magistrate Ventre remains in power by replacing civil officials with those loyal to him.

The Tribes. A loose confederation of non-human peoples that include Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Kobolds, Gnolls, and Lizardmen, the Tribes band together out of necessity despite being at odds with each other over resources and territory. A council made up of representatives of each Tribe helps settle disputes and set policy for the member races as a whole in order to combat the threat posed by the Kingdom of Azorbia and its allies. The Orcs of the Flamescar Tribe, as of late, started exerting more power over their fellow Tribesmen in an effort to force the Tribes to remain on the defensive, while a small faction under Jarek the Lotus wish to bring their greivences to the Azorbians directly-- whether through diplomacy or combat.

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