Denizens of Sorceria

Morkoth. These creatures are known as the Guardians of Sorceria. As biological beings they possess a certain degree of autonomy, but they obey the will of the Lord of Sorceria without question. In some districts they are free to enforce the will of the Lord of Sorceria as they please, but as conflicts arise they rely on pre-planned courses of action provided to them by their master, making them somewhat predictable to any opponent who lives long enough.

Humans. Very few humans reside in Sorceria; those who exist here are those tolerated by the existing natives. Prince Ingram, the governor of the North District, is the most prominent of the humans, but any existing settlement remains small.

Reptilons. The primary inhabitants of the East District, the Reptilon Clans unite under the rule of Lady Veraft. The East District flourished under Lady Veraft's rule and it is believed they transformed the district into an image of their homeland.

Vektra. The primary inhabitants of the West District. The Vektra constructed a monumental fortress across the entire district, leaving very little undeveloped land. Ruled by Lord Braddle, the leader of the Vektra Knights, they await the coming of their master as promised by the oracles.

Demons. Members of an expedition of the Burning Legion, who hail from an alternate dimension. They primarily reside in the South District, using it as their base of operations. However, they earned the ire of the Morkoth, and are constantly at war with them.

Murlocs. Inhabitants of the North District, the Murlocs are in conflict with the mutants, the Mur'guls. Both tribes appeared in the North District following an unnamed cataclysm on their native world, and vie for dominance. At present they hold an unsteady stalemate, but the Mur'guls' new allies, the Dragon Slayers, may tip the balance of power in their favor.

Black Moon. Insurgent forces directed by Kuth'kullen have recently surfaced in the North District, claiming tracts of land for themselves. At present they appear to be excavating something beneath the waves.

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