Hikaru in Soul Calibur 6

Portrait Hikaru (Paladin). Generally a Soul Calibur take on Hikaru's paladin armor, which in turn is actually mostly based on Sun Jian's armor in Dynasty Warriors 3.
Portrait Hikaru (School uniform). Typical Middle School uniform, although it's probably meant for more of a thug character. Breaks down into Gym clothes.
Portrait Hikaru (Samurai). Hikaru's outfit from the X series, it blend over into the main WoS campaign afterward since I liked it so much.
Portrait Hikaru (Demon). Conceptually an Evil Hikaru, the one in the campaign is ocnceptually closer to the original Slash/Bust (or Shura/Rasetsu) mechanic in Samurai Shodown than this. Had I better planning I could have given the Copy Hikaru a name for himself, but honestly he's so egotistical that he wouldn't go for something like that.
Portrait Rafe. The armored Black Moon General from the past war. His armor fits along with the theme of the armored version of Selene.
Portrait Greed. Themed after the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, this Deadly Sin is more a reflection of Hikaru than Kurumi. Greed as a Deadly Sin is an overwhelming want for material goods, but in this case it's perhaps more similar to how Greed is portrayed in Fullmetal Alchemist.

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