Hokuto in Soul Calibur 6

Portrait Hokuto (Chinese Gown). The outfit Hokuto is normally seen in. At first she wore loose white pants with said outfit, but somewhere along the line even that got ditched. Hokuto is generally a fluid character-- she could show up literally wearing everything anywhere and is the most likely to be rocking a fanservice costume because of it. And in some sense that makes her kind of boring because none of those outfits are really owned by her-- and perhaps that's part of her problem.
Portrait Hokuto (School uniform). The other outfit Hokuto is normally seen in. Hokuto did not come from the Japanese education system and is privately taught by the Shadow organization she belongs to. Hokuto wears this outfit for no particular reason other than it's a standard fanservice outfit and she lacks any sort of originality when it comes to things like that.
Portrait Hokuto (Maid Outfit). Hokuto and Shizuka have this weird thing where they want each other to clean each other's apartment while wearing a maid outfit. Hokuto doesn't mind this nearly as much since she's seen in every fan service costume possible.
Portrait Hokuto (Bunny Suit). Typical low-hanging fruit for Create A Character modes.
Portrait Zava. The villainous counterpart to Hokuto even though they are otherwise unrelated. I went with the Seraph motif for Zava because I'm not a huge fan of putting wings on (human) characters and this goes and puts it on an extreme length.

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