Kanna in Soul Calibur 6

Portrait Kanna (Combat Outfit). Kanna's outfit doesn't actually change between the dream world and the real world unlike most characters. A lot of this design was based off of May in her Guilty Gear X incarnation (obviously minus the pirate hat). Oddly enough, it's actually really close to Xiaoyu's Tekken 7 outfit so I ended up using them here.
Portrait Kanna (School uniform). Sweater variant of school unform-- probably what she wore in high school (big maybe-- it's well established in the story that Kanna wore a sailor suit uniform at some point in the past because Shion keeps badgering Shizuka to put it on). Unlike other school uniforms it correctly breaks into the classic saucy Gym clothes (which in my mind Kanna may have had to wear while in school. Shion doesn't ask to see her in these outfits because he already has so it's not exciting enough for him).
Portrait Kanna (Yukata). Generally just wearing Setsuka's outfit in Kanna's original lilac color scheme.
Portrait Kanna (Bunny Suit). Typical low-hanging Create a Character costume.
Portrait Kanna (Gothic Witch). Based off a similar outfit I saw another Create a Character wearing while I was playng through Soul Calibur 6's Libra of Souls mode, except that CAC was using Zasalemel's moveset.
Portrait Kanna (Old Outfit). More detailed replica of Kanna's original outfit, which was a simple lilac knee-length dress. Not to mention inevitably I found Kanna looked a lot better with short hair.
Portrait Kanna (Candy Girl). You've seen a variant of this outfit in one of the extra loading screen portraits of Book 1 or 2-- this is an outfit I doodled for Kanna trying to make something really girly and awful to look at. She is menat to have drill hair rather than princess curls, though.

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