Kurumi in Soul Calibur 6

Generally the other character I use as a paper doll.

Portrait Kurumi (Summoner Outfit). The first and main go-to outfit I draw Kurumi in; it is a cross between the outfit Celine wears in Arcturus: the Curse and Loss of Divinity (notably missing the mitre) and some Japanese rain coat you occasionally see in Anime. The game Arcturus is generally thought to be the precursor to Nihon Falcom's binge on the Trails series and while Celine isn't the main character she is a key player in the overall story and the narrative likes to figuratively crap on her a lot (the main villain, Elizabeth Bathroy, is figuratively her 'sister' since she cloned her body off Celine and that's just the start of it; she has it so bad that her own conflict is never resolved).
Portrait Kurumi (School uniform). Standard sailor suit uniform, probably her middle school uniform. Generally just seen in Anime nowadays since school systems want to have something more classy. Breaks into a school swimsuit because you can't do the classic Gym uniform with this outfit.
Portrait Kurumi (Rogue Outfit). What she was wearing in the extra stories. This is based off a transmog I had said character wearing in World of Warcraft when she was my bank mule.
Portrait Kurumi (Bedlah). She got this outfit as a hand-me-down from the early days of Warcraft 3. One of the early DoTA characters was a 'dancer on the sands' so I decided to give it a shot and make my own spin on it. The idea stuck around enough that I keep using it, although I don't really have any attachment to the outfit itself.
Portrait Kurumi (Witch Demoness). After making Shizu's demon outfit relatively chaste, I decided I wanted to make the most naked thing possible without being pr0n, if a bit lewd. The later CAC parts in Season Pass 2 facilitated this easily, although I did not go all the way with this one.
Portrait Kurumi (Bunny Suit). Low-hanging fruit from the CAC and generally my go-to embarrassing outfit for Kurumi. I figure she has a low self-esteem that goes along with her intense jealousy so she's somewhat reluctant to show off her growth spurt (in the main WoS campaign Kurumi is fairly flat-chested, but in the X series she's rocking gag boobs to signify her 'growing up' out of her awkwardness; I don't think I intend her to be an E Cup or anything, but she purposefully should have big melons after puberty is done with her).
Portrait Kurumi (Faerie Dragon Costume). The end result of reskinning the Night Elf Assassin model with a Faerie Dragon resulted in this strange outfit. And yes, it predates the Faerie Dragon costume in World of Warcraft.
Portrait Envy. Kurumi's strongest Deady Sin is her intense jealousy and desire to have what other people have-- she generally takes this out on Shizuka in the campaign. Kurumi needs a little more growing-up before she can get over this. Since the Deadly Sins are based on Alice in Wonderland characters its only fitting that this one be Alice herself as Kurumi craves the spotlight and attention being afforded as the main character.

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