Miranda in Soul Calibur 6

Portrait Miranda (Combat Outfit). Close approximation to the outfit I originally drew her in. I don't remember why, but I particularly had her wear rubber boots and gloves-- the purpose of this has long since ceased to matter. This is generally what she's going to wear when she wants to exercise/kick someone's butt.
Portrait Miranda (School uniform). For variety she's rocking the Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl look.
Portrait Miranda (Teen Idol Outfit). As opposed to the more classic 80s-style outfit I usually put her in, here Miranda sports a more modern take on the school idol outfit.
Portrait Miranda (Bunny Suit). Requisite low-hanging fruit from the Create a Character mode.
Portrait Magical Lumina. Miranda's armored 'magical girl' identity both in the dream and in real life. Truth be told, this really should only exist in the dream world as any real life outfit would probably be more similar to a conventional magical girl outfit, but I hadn't given that enough thought. The armored look was a happy accident when I managed to blend a good gold color for Warcraft 3.

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