Mizuki in Soul Calibur 6

Portrait Mizuki (Priestess Outfit). Mizuki's standard outfit, based on the fact she was (surprise!) conceptually based on Mizuki from Samurai Shodown 2 (and oddly enough now there's a Shizuka in Samurai Shodown, too). Unlike Shizuka Mizuki is meant to have some degree of magical prowess-- in this case, Portal Mastery (not summoning! the thought came about after the Portal game became popular) which is something I wished to reveal in her spinoff in the X series.
Portrait Mizuki (Archery uniform). Similarly to Shizuka, Mizuki never entered the Japanese education system. The reasonings behind this are similar to Shizuka, except Mizuki is older and meant to be an older take on the concept.
Portrait Mizuki (Red Dress). Something I thought about being an in-universe inspiration for the red Zande Witch outfits. The fallout between Mizuki and Shizuka was her husband coming between the two. Mizuki went out on a date in a little red number and returned home to have hot sex. Only the trouble was Shizuka caught them in a really awkward position and the fight afterward resulted in her leaving on extremely bad terms. Naturally, this breaks into a really saucy leather number to reflect that.
Portrait Mizuki (Magician). The outfit Mizuki wears as the assistant to her magician husband on stage. This is actually a variant of the bunny outfit designed for Shizuka, but replaces the bunny ears with a top hat.
Portrait Shyron Moonseeker. Conceptually Shyron is an alternative take on Mizuki existing at the same time as Mizuki herself in the dream. I meant to go into this idea more when I changed Shyron's appearance, but it didn't go anywhere (and it really didn't add to anything, so it is what it is).

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