Other Characters in Soul Calibur 6

Characters featured here generally did not get varaint versions.

Portrait Johan. Somewhat simple design, but he's a common man at heart.
Portrait Nekurow. Not surprisingly he's wearping the Dark Knight gear and rocking Siegfried's runeblade weapon. Very easy to make because he's such a typical archetype.
Portrait Kasumi. I've always associated his weapon as a polearm, but this is the closest it can get without overlapping with Kanna's space. I once tried giving him Hilde's moveset, but that didn't suit him well, either. Originally Kasumi's design was a blatant knockoff of Chizuru from Vantage Master Japan, but I think I changed things around enough so the only real thing they have in common is the giant bells.
Portrait Ziel. No fans, so give him the other assassin-style weapon instead.
Portrait Prince Ingram. The model is based off a girl since Ingram is supposed to be that girlishly handsome that Anime girls fawn over.
Portrait Vance. A leading man has a leading man's moveset.
Portrait Ayame. She started out as a rhythmic gymnastics sycophant, but eventually I think the tinker side won over. A Chinese fan drew her with that concept in mind and I liked it so much that I redrew her reflecting that. She's also got a bit of Estelle from Trails in the Sky in her, but not too much so.
Portrait Chika. A giant paddle was probably the closest I was going to get to a tennis raquet. In story she's supposed to be a somewhat lazy tennis player, but it never really comes across.
Portrait Reiko. Ended up with leftovers, too. She's dressed after the nuns in the Ys series as of late, but she's wearing something really naughty underneath.
Portrait Sazabi. Ended up with the double blades since Groh throws it, too.
Portrait Zule Whitemane. Ended up with the whip sword, which is just as well.
Portrait Six. Moveset moved around a lot. You can't do a Murloc proper in this CAC, so I settled for a 'Jinyu version' of Six instead.
Portrait Jarek. The best way I knew how to use Astaroth's moveset without it looking too goofy.
Portrait Pixy Amy. Don't know how or why, but she ended up with Xianghua's moveset and it stuck. It's probably because of the silly stance and flagrant Anime taunts she has.
Portrait Metallus the Shining Blade. Ended up with Talim's moveset after I removed it from Miranda.
Portrait Cinder. Kind of a throwaway with whatever was left (which turned out to be Hilde's moveset after I was through shuffling everything around).
Portrait Sypha. This came out as a "well, duh" moment after trying to figure out how to use the Voldo moveset. Sypha still comes out remarkably classy even with the weird stances involved.
Portrait Razlia. Originally used Nightmare's moveset, but then Siegfried's was better suited for this. Wanted to make use of the silly animal heads in the CAC somehow and this is the result.
Portrait Gunther. He came about from a desire to put the Astaroth moveset on somebody. It didn't quire work out with him, but I kept him around anyway and found a better way to go about it.
Portrait Jenna. Originally this dress was on Chika-- then I realized it looked like a Zelda dress. Then I realized I already had a character that wore a Zelda-style dress.
Portrait Nargul the Puppetmaster. Just did this because I could.
Portrait Dalles. My entry into the monstrous people category; it was actually fairly simple to make the face tentacles happen.
Portrait Lady Veraft. There's not really a lot you can put on Lizardmen in this CAC, but I managed to put on Hilde's coat, which offered some variance.
Portrait Braddle Bot. Making a giant lobster guy was never going to work, so I made a golem version instead. It's definitely something you don't want to meet in a dark alley.
Portrait Lust. Based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Portrait Gluttony. Based on the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.
Portrait Sloth. Based on the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland.

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