Shion in Soul Calibur 6

Shion usually doesn't fit the male CAC models in games, so sometimes I build him out of a female model.

Portrait Shion (Plague Doctor). This is probably what I would theme him after in Wanderers of Sorceria if I started today. The Plague Doctor look generally fascinated me since I saw the character Masque de Corbeau in Sakura Wars 3.
Portrait Shion (School uniform). The male half of an upscale school uniform to go with Kanna.
Portrait Shion (Yukata). A matching pair with Kanna's Yukata for a theoretical Summer Festival.
Portrait Shion (French Maid). One of the uses of using a female model. The crazy thing is it's still recognizably Shion (which I'm generally terrible about when doodling). Thanks to his skinny frame and general punching bag nature this happens to him frequently, and if you ask him Shion would prefer you didn't half-ass it, either (in his mind it's much worse dressing as a girl if you make it obvious it's a guy in drag).
Portrait Shion (Nel Cosplay). Based on Star Ocean 3's Nel Zelpher 4P Outfit on the female CAC and is a recurring outfit in the Wanderers of Sorceria campaign. Nel Zelpher herself wears it in Books 5 and 6, Shizu's maid outfit is based on it, and Shion is wearing it when Chika tied him to a light pole in X2. Nel is probably one of the few fictional characters I became deeply fascinated in when I started following Star Ocean 3's Japanese release, so naturally when the Director's Cut was announced as coming with extra costumes I looked forward to that, too. At first only the 2P and 3P outfits were shown until close to release tri-Ace started revealing 4P outfits in a slow trickle. The rumor at the time was Nel had a maid outfit, but I could not find an image of that-- images of Mirage as a maid showed up first and I was deeply unimpressed. When the official site finally updated with all the outfits the internet went nuts over the picture (because how often do you get a 'come f*ck me' pose for an official image). Notably I tried to replicate that piercing gaze in Shizuka's artwork to varying degrees of success.
Portrait Shion (Gothic Witch). Basically the 'other half' of the Gothic Witch Kanna as this is the exact same outfit transplanted onto Shion.

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