Shizuka in Soul Calibur 6

Yes, this is by far the largest of the pages as it also includes her Selene and Sorana variants. Shizuka is generally the female paper doll whenever I doodle up new and embarrassing costumes.

Portrait Shizuka. Standard fare Japanese outfit; this getup is usually fairly simple to make in most Create A Character modes to the point where Shizu is generally usually the most accurate (but then againk she is pretty typical/simplistic, too, but that is part of her charm).
Portrait Shizuka (Archery uniform). As a character who did not enter the Japanese education system Shizuka generally looks down upon it (generally because of its association with indoctrination and conformity and Shizu is quite rebellious). The standard Archery uniform is fairly conservative, but destroying her armor reveals the old school embarrassing Gym Bloomers ensemble that you only see in Anime these days.
Portrait Shizuka (Lobster Suit). The go-to outfit whenever Shizuka needs to be put down a few pegs and fairly difficult to pull off in a CAC mode. The outfit itself is basically a spoof on the 'Sexy whatever' Halloween costume, while the lobster idea came from an episode of the 90s American sitcom 'Boy Meets World' where one of the characters sat in a dunk tank dressed as a lobster (and it was hilarious).
Portrait Shizuka (Witch). Standard Zande Witch outfit. Originally based on the idea of the Slash and Bust character variants in Samurai Shodown (also known as Chivalry/Treachery or Shura/Rasetsu depending on your region), the design started heavily based on Bust Shiki from Samurai Shodown 64 2 and was further refined to appear closely to this picture of Japanese voice actress Maria Kawamura (yes, that's really her, and no, I don't know what its supposed to be. It's a sample image from her photo/essay book and the other photos are generally more available on the internet)
Portrait Shizuka (Witch Demoness). Oddly when I put her in the leather getup she's actually wearing more clothes. I suppose that comes with being such an oddball character (although I did go in the extreme other direction with Kurumi; see her page for details).
Portrait Shizuka P3 Costume. I was actually struggling with this a bit since there are no good leotards in the CAC; at one point she was wearing 2B's thong leotard (the skirtless outfit), but after I got more experience I settled on this version. The original design of this outfit actually was from a female swordsman unit in Vantage Master Japan which I found fascinating enough that I replicated it in Warcraft 3.
Portrait Shizuka P4 Costume. It's mostly Setsuka's outfit, but it fit in general, so I went with it.
Portrait Shizuka (Sweet Lolita). Figured I'd give it a try. When I first started doodling Lolita-style characters I had no idea it was going to stick with her (I was doing it firmly believing Kurumi was going to end up with it), but somehow the childlike look made it stand out more with Shizu. In a strange way it also fits into her image of nonconformity since the fashion movement comes off looking strange to people who don't understand it.
Portrait Shizuka (Gothic Lolita). Same as above, except with Goth makeup.
Portrait Shizuka (Tuxedo Bunny). For a very long time I was resistant to the idea of drawing Shizu in a bunny suit like I did every other girl in the series (which is why in Wanderers of Sorceria the very last achievement you can get is actually getting her to wear one), but I settled on the idea that it would be more okay if I went with a more 'upscale' version of it. In the end it's actually a more accessorized version of Mizuki's magician outfit.
Portrait Shizuka (Silk Cosplay). This is a goofy concept of an old doodle I would practice on for years. The shoot-em-up Cotton is an Anime-themed game with two girls-- a witch named Cotton and a fairy sidekick named Silk, and naturally Cotton was wholesome and Silk wore a skimpy bikini. While I'd always drawn cartoon characters based on stuff I'd watched growing up (particularly Starvengers, Tranzor Z, Voltron, and Robotech-- I was big into giant robot shows) Silk was one of the first characters I tried drawing knowing Anime was a thing (the others being Feena and Lilia from Ys I & II, and later, Ukyo from Ranma 1/2). Frankly I drew like crap for years.
Portrait Shizuka (Moon Princess Selene). Managed to pull this one off in the CAC mode. Selene's outfit is supposed to be a bit flamboyant and showy, but it doesn't really come across as such with this color scheme. Conceptually Shizuka is not her reincarnation or direct descendant, but a successor in that she has the same attributes as a person. That the two look identical is just me being lazy and somewhat justified when Selene ultimately possesses her in the story.
Portrait Shizuka (Moon Princess Selene Battle Armor). This never showed up in the Sorceria storyline, but is a product of me just sticking a bunch of armor on her. That ended up getting Rafe and Phoebe similar armored designs in the CAC.
Portrait Shizuka (Moon Princess Selene possessing Shizuka). Just an idea; it's really just a variant of Shizuka's normal outfit.
Portrait Shizuka (Moon Princess Selene dressed as a French Maid). Also something that never happened in the campaign. It's a slight gag between Shizuka and Hokuto where they want to make each other clean each other's apartment dressed in said outfit, although I think Shizu stands more to loose on this than Hokuto does since Hokuto is shameless.
Portrait Shizuka (Cyber Idol). A slightly different interpretation from the 'modern' Teen Idol Miranda put on Selene-- there's no reason for this to exist other than it does.
Portrait Wrath (White Rabbit). I themed Kurumi's torments in Book 6 after the Seven Deadly Sins and chose Shizu as Wrath's representation because of her perpetually angry state. It also doubles as a humiliation since she has to dress in a pastel bunny suit; I got the idea after the very strange anime "Miyuki-chan in Wonderland" although none of the Sins are lesbians-- maybe.

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