Yue Fang in Soul Calibur 6

Yue Fang is an odd character in my mind in that she's another version of Kanna.

Portrait Yue Fang. She started out life as a well-rolled Create a Character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7, hence why she seems to be able to 'do anything' in the campaign. She rolled with the Invent skill which meant she had a huge advantage in building siege weaponry for her army and that is reflected in the goofy Kessen 2 Hawk Launcher appearing in the campaign. Admittedly when I first drew her she was wearing Japanese-themed clothing insted of Chinese (not to mention completely inappropriate for a front-line fighter), but these days it's closer to Western. I'm reluctant to portray her wearing some kind of Dynasty Warriors knockoff outfit.
Portrait Yue Fang (School uniform). An upscale private school uniform Yue Fang wears in real life as she apparently comes from a wealthy family. That probably has to do why she has the audacity to insert herself into a well-known epic story the way she does.
Portrait Yue Fang (Chinese Gown). Almost requisite in Anime by putting your Chinese characters in this outfit.
Portrait Yue Fang (Bunny Suit). Low-hanging Create A Character outfit.
Portrait Phoebe. The armored Black Moon General from the past war. Her armor fits along with the theme of the armored version of Selene.
Portrait Pride. This is generally Yue Fang's hubris more than Kurumi's and is themed after the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. To be more precise, though, her outfit is based on Candy/Honey from Fighting Vipers (the first game in particular), who is a noted cosplayer.

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