Book 2

These are meant for the Frozen Throne version of the campaign.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Obelisk Quest . Kill the Murlocs just outside the Orc base to find the gem. The Obelisk is on the mountain on the way to the Zande base.

Chapter 3

Obelisk Quest. Kill the Furbolgs just below the first Fountain of Restoration to recover the gem. The Obelisk is located in the Satyr base.

Trading Quest . Make sure you picked up the Totem of Might. Approach the trader Grovak standing in the base just before the river crossing.

Fight Pit Lord . When you start out with the wagons there is a hidden ramp behind trees near the top of the map. Use the Nerubian Warriors to chop down the trees, then follow the path to fight an optional boss.

Fight Sypha . During the second part of the first map you will get the Dark Summoning spell. Make sure you have at least done Kosseimaru's section of the dungeon, then enter the forest area where the Kobolds hang around. Dark Summon the Meat Wagons, then blow up the trees digging to the bottom-right of the area. You can challenge Sypha to a duel.

Chapter 4

Obelisk Quest . Destroy the Demon Gate to recover the gem. The Obelisk is located in the mountains between the Zande and Satyr bases.

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Jackalope. Cast Death and Decay on the Jackalope in the jail to get a Medallion of Courage.

Chapter 7

Fight Doom Guard Boss . A doom guard is hidden in the trees just above the Human base.

Fight Pit Lord . After you defeat all the Blood Riders a new optional boss appears near the statue directly to the left of the Waygate near the Satyr base. Dig through the trees or drop to access this boss.

Trading Quest . Make sure you picked up the Maul of Strength. Approach Hammerman outside the south exit of the main base.

Obelisk Quest . At the top-middle, above the Zande base is an island. If you completed the previous Obelisk quests you can find a special item here as a reward.

Chapter 8

Dragon Horn Ultimate . You must have the Dragon Horn artifact from Mission 2-02 on Shizuka in order to use this attack.

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