Book 3

These are meant for the Frozen Throne version of the campaign.

Chapter 1

Black Dream . When Scaldar meets the Murlocs refuse their offer for an alliance. You will then be able to build the Boneyard. Wait for several minutes, and reinforcements will start appearing. The last of the reinforcements consists of the Black Dream, which is just as powerful as it was when it appeared in the Vision of the Future campaigns.

Chapter 2

Obelisk Quest . Kill the Centaur Sorcerer at the bottom center of the map to recover the Heart, then take it back to Six's pad to restore the Obelisk.

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Obelisk Quest . In the Scout maze use Detonate on the lone Wolf creep in the maze to recover the Heart. In the Force Wall chamber change all three Towers' colors to purple.

Chapter 5

Extra Treasure . Help Sazabi in Book 2.

Obelisk Quest . Destroy the Chaos Gate at the top left corner of the dungeon. The Obelisk is in plain site on an island across from the exit Way Gate.

Chapter 6

Refugee Caravan . Fail the head-collecting quest in chapter 3

Chapter 7


Chapter 8


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