Book 4

These are meant for the Frozen Throne version of the campaign.

Chapter 1

Obelisk Quest. Defeat the three Ghost creeps in the forest. Bring the Heart to the Troll creep village just above the Satyr camp.

Chapter 2

Hidden Panda. In the wooded area below the Murloc base clear a path through the trees. The Pandaren drops a special item.

Chapter 3

Black Moon Orb. Find all ten pieces of the Eclipse Orb.

Chapter 4

Black Moon Orb. Restore power to all ten Obelisks and Abolisher will start out with the Orb of Death.

Chapter 5

Siege Machines Quest. Fail to protect the Zande against the siege machines in Chapter 1.

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Radik Allies. Do not destroy the Satyr base in Chapter 4. Kazgaroth will show up as reinforcements later on.

Murloc Allies. Destroy the Murloc stronghold in Chapter 4.

Vektra Allies. Complete the Optional quest in Chapter 5.

Chapter 8

Extra Mission. Refuse Hokuto's help when prompted while playing as Shizuka.

Black Moon Orb. Equip Kurumi with a detect-invisible type item such as the Dust of Appearance or the Kitty Band. Find the invisible Goblin Merchant on the first fork path. Buy for 750 gold.

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