Book 5

These are meant for the Frozen Throne version of the campaign.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Secret Level. Forgive the traitor at the end of Book 4. Wait for the cutscene for when the Airship crashes into the Necropolis. Explore the crash site and pick up the special item. The Secret Level appears after Chapter 4.

Chapter 3

Jin Merchants. Successfully escort the Caravan in Book 3, Chapter 7.

Black Moon Orb. Successfully complete all Optional Quests.

Chapter 4

Kobold Quest. Choose Jenna in Chapter 1, then rescue the captive Kobolds.

Lizard Allies. Choose Gunther in Chapter 2, or fail the Optional quests when choosing Jenna or Count Zule as allies.

Black Moon Orb. Completely demolish the Goblin base without bribing them.

Chapter 5

Mirror Puzzle. Align all the mirrors in order to find a special item.

Chapter 6

Secret Level:

  • Watch the Prince Galar retreat scene in Book 4 (you must not have accepted Hokuto's help, and you must find Prince Galar)
  • Cleanse the Faerie Grove in the Tribes mission by wiping-out Prince Galar's base and refusing to bribe them
  • You must rescue all 40 people from the flood
  • Defeat Clench the Cogmaster

Chapter 7

Obelisk Quest. Find the Obelisk. Defeat the newly-spawned creeps at the top of the map for the Heart of the Obelisk. Return the Heart to the Obelisk will give Hikaru the ability Soul Shift for the rest of the campaign.

Chapter 8

Lizard Allies. Do not choose Gunther in Chapter 2, or complete the Optional quests when choosing Jenna or Count Zule as allies.

Calling the Wind. Fail to stop the wind when playing as Yue Fang. In the very next mission Count Zule will be playable immediately.

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