Book 2: The Book of Corona

Tower of the Gods

With the fall of the Ministers of Arcadia the great Hero Hikaru and his merry band were disgraced and exiled by the Queen of Arcadia. Refusing to submit under the power of a goddess, the former Champions of Arcadia were forced to flee the kingdom, and sought refuge in the company of their prior enemy, Prime Minister Kosseimaru. There was no lost love between the two groups, but both put aside their differences to combat a common foe-- one that sought the soul of every man, woman, and child in the world.

The texts speak of more Cauldrons in the world-- magical control points of immense magical power. With the crippled Nerubian army left to defend the Arcadian Cauldron, Lord Kosseimaru seeks to find a second Cauldron in order to find the treasures stored along with it ~ among them, the awesome Book of Sealings.

A Chance

Reunited by fate, Hikaru and Shizuka now fight on the same side. Whether Hokuto's prophecy will come true or not, is up to them to decide. Although I do not like the thought that the world could fall into the hands of these two miscreants, they are undoubtly the ones who can shape it for the better-- or destroy it.

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