Book 3: The Book of Jin

The Invasion of the Spider Kingdom

A matter of weeks passed since the fall of Queen Arcadia, and in its place rose the former kingdom, Corona, under a new ruler. Queen Corona siezed control of all of Arcadia's assets, and drilled them for war. The first victim of their wave of conquest was the Dutcy of Artesia.

Backed by the might of an aerial fleet and the legions of the Army of the Dead, the Nerubian army had no trouble wiping out the Dutchy's defenders. The Duke of Artesia was captured and executed by Nerubian General Scaldar, the commander in chief of the war effort.

The last bastion of the Dutcy lies in Border City Redmont, under the governorship of Prince David Artesia. While the remaining Artesian soldiers flock under his banner for a valiant stand, many realize that Prince David is weak and undisciplined in the art of battle.


The Inept Ninja Girl

The Wind master Ziel has made many enemies before entering the Kingdom of Arcadia, and one of them sends assassins for his life. One such assassin, an inept ninja named Kasumi, falls prey to one of Shizuka's plots. With the Chaos assassins, summoned magical soldiers, begin attacking, Kasumi decides to join with her new 'friends' and fight, because it is 'fun.' What influence could she possibly have in the future?

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