Book 4: The Book of Zanden

War of Jin and Corona

The mighty Spider Kingdom of Corona swept the entire west continent, leaving only the powerful and ancient Kingdom of Azorbia left standing. The former glory of the underworld Satyr Radik Empire was crushed, leaving the shadowy Emperor Radik and his subjects to flee to the north continent in the subterranean tunnels under the sea, heading for shelter with their allies in Zanden, the infamous Zande Witches. The last bastion of the Dutchy of Artesia, under the command of Prince David, fell, giving the Nerubians control of the land bridge leading to the southern continent, held under the control of the vast Jin Empire.

Having recently fallen under attack by demons summoned by the fugitive Count Zule, the Jin are quick to respond to the threat the Nerubians present to their empire. Thanks to a valuable tip General Yue Fang learned the Jin is prepared to deal with the mighty Coronian Airship Armada. Whether the stalwart humans of the Jin Empire are prepared enough for the coming onslaught has yet to be seen.

War for Zanden

After losing their outposts to the Nerubians the Zande Witches retreated back to their home territory in Zanden, the snowy capitol of the north. Upon returning to their homeland Matriarch Tendaro and her warrior witches come under attack by the nefarious Cult of the Black Moon, who also hold significant territory in the northern continent. Having bided their time for decades the master of the Black Moon Temple, the cunning Aboleth called 'Abolisher' opened the crypts of the corpses stolen from other countries. With the undead spirits of slain Black Moon sorcerers under his command Abolisher sent the animated undead hordes against the warrior witches, hoping to overwhelm them with sheer numbers. However, Tendaro's forces fight with greater ferocity than anticipated, and the battle proceeds to be a long one.

With the recent arrival of the Radik refugees and their emperor, the Zande allied army has grown significantly. Where Abolisher and the Black Moon formerly held a significant numerical advantage before, they now find their fodder dwindling in number thanks to the heavy magical warfare the Satyr Army bring with them.

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