Arcadian Army of the Dead Tech Tree

Units Heroes
  • Acolyte
  • Ghoul
  • Crypt Fiend
  • Necromancer
  • Banshee
  • Meat Wagon
  • Shade
  • Obsidian Statue
  • Gargoyle
  • Abomination
  • Black Sphinx
  • Frost Wyrm
  • Death Knight
  • Spider Queen
  • Spider Lord
  • Bone Spirit

Soul Reaper

Type Undead Special Abilities .
Element Void Purge Blizzard
Faction Arcadian Ministry Chain Lightning -
Arcadia's Soul Reapers are the elite soldiers of the Ministry of War. These animated armors gather the dead in Arcadia and take them to the graveyard to be buried. It is speculated by the resistance that they are elite undead shock troopers

Void Spark

Type Elemental Special Abilities .
Element Void Harvest Lumber Detonate
Faction Arcadian Ministry Kaboom! -
These highly-volatile elementals serve the Arcadians as an 'option' helper. Void Sparks are entities of nothingness, and therefore attempt to consume all in their path. Their void energies can discharge at the expense of the spark.

Blade Barrier

Type Elemental Special Abilities .
Element None Spawn Skeleton -
Faction Arcadian Ministry - -
A magical spinning blade made from enchanted bones. Upon destruction the bones reform once more, taking the shape of a Skeleton Warrior.

Mech Armor

Type Mechanical Special Abilities .
Element None ? ?
Faction Arcadian Ministry ? Revenge
The Ministry of Technology does not plan on taking a back seat to the Army of the Dead; research and development have turned out this steam punk armor for the infantry. Although still in testing the mobile armors are a force to be reckoned.

Mech Rider

Type Mechanical Special Abilities .
Element None Mana Burn Pulverize
Faction Arcadian Ministry Harvest Lumber Explode
A different philosophy in the Ministry of Technology is the use of battlemechs rather than battle armor. These machines are designed with greater firepower and durability, but are expensive to manufacture and train pilots for their use.


Type Summoned Special Abilities .
Element Wind Lightning Attack Corrosive Breath
Faction Arcadian Ministry Inner Fire Unholy Frenzy
This summoned beast is the favored pet of Mizuki. The two-headed Hydra is much stronger than its underworld counterparts, and are adept at fighting alone or in pairs. It is not uncommon to see another Hydra nearby.

Blade Kraken

Type Summoned Special Abilities .
Element Water Bloodlust Slow Poison
Faction Arcadian Ministry Slam Roar
The Blade Kraken is the favored summoned beast of Shizuka, and with good reason. These versatile beasts fight with the swords of fallen warriors who attempt to kill these beasts, and their skills are as numerous as their tentacles.


Type Summoned Special Abilities .
Element Wind Ensnare -
Faction Arcadian Ministry Purge -
Another of Shizuka's favored summoned beasts, the Tengu demonstrates aerial superiority. It is known to shackle its prey before ripping it to pieces.

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